Coffee and Tea Drawer Organization

If you haven’t noticed yet I am a bit obsessed with being organized, and it is no different when it comes to my coffee and tea.  I have my Keurig right on top of my kitchen counter and right below it I have a huge drawer all organized with everything I need.  A little beverage station if you will.  Giving guests the choice on what they want to have, or me making my cup of coffee in the morning is so quick because I can see what I have and quickly grab what I need.

I use these  drawer dividers which I talked about last week to separate my k-cups.  I have them separated by regular, flavored, decaf, and hot chocolate.  I use this to keep sugars and sweeteners, and this for tea bags.  So simple yet makes my daily life so much easier.  Also this Keurig is the latest model and WOW do I love it.  It literally makes the perfect cup of coffee (or any other beverage) instantly.  If you don’t have one you are really missing out.



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